Exploring Phoenixville Online

So, the more I learn about Phoenixville, the more excited I get to move there. I just read this article that was published last month on Philly Mag naming Phoenixville one of the 10 Hottest Suburban Philadelphia Towns. While I am very excited to hear that, I am also really kicking myself that I am not quite ready to buy a house hear as it seems like all of the good deals are going fast and will definitely be gone by the time I am ready to buy.

Downtown Phoenixville
Downtown Phoenixville | Photograph by Jeff Fusco

So, to make a long story short, after I started this blog yesterday, I decided that I needed to explore Phoenixville … virtually. So, I built another website to start categorizing and organizing all of the festivals and events, as well as to review restaurants as we visit them. The plan is to continually update the site with my own photos and experiences as we attend the events… I can’t wait!

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