Moving To Phoenixville!

The countdown has begun! Just 8 weeks from now, will be moving to Phoenixville, PA!

It is funny that just a month ago, I had never even heard of Phoenixville and actually didn’t have any intentions of moving anywhere. Chuck and I love our townhouse in Wilmington, DE, with our beautiful fireplace and cute little courtyard, that we figured that we would live here for at least a few more years… it’s amazing how quickly things change!

Fireplace in Wilmington DE townhome
Fireplace in our Wilmington DE townhouse

When my daughter announced that she was moving to Devon, PA to be closer to her job (but further away from us), we decided we should start looking for a place that was halfway between her new house and Reading, PA, where my other daughter lives.

I guess it is surprising that we waited this long to start looking actually; after all, less than a year ago, both of my daughters had already given us a few new reasons to move closer…

More grandbabies!

One of the main things that held us back was deciding WHERE to move to. It’s not exactly easy to just pick a place that you have never been to before and just decide to move there. But, that’s basically what we decided to do… we looked at the map and picked the halfway point.

It turns out that Pottstown, PA is the halfway point, so we found a house available for rent and scheduled an appointment that same day. We loved the house, but we weren’t too crazy about the town. We decided to keep looking and set up alerts for the area between Devon and Reading.

Pottstown, PA
Midpoint between Devon, PA and Reading, PA is Pottstown, PA

The next day, a house in Phoenixville became available. Although we had never heard of Phoenixville… and it isn’t exactly the halfway point, we would still be closer to both daughters than we are now in Wilmington. We decided to go ahead and inquire about the house and then we went to see it soon after… we weren’t too crazy about the house… in fact, I hated it.

Sad Kitty
This is how I felt after looking at the house…

But… we LOVED the town… it was definitely what you would call love at first sight! It reminded us of Manayunk, a neighborhood in the northwestern section of the city of Philadelphia, PA that is known for its urban experience with small town charm. Come to find out, Phoenixville is known as “Little Manayunk”.

We decided to go have lunch at Molly Maguire’s Irish Restaurant & Pub on Bridge Street and think about what to do.

Molly Maguires Pub in Phoenixville, PA
Molly Maguires Pub in Phoenixville, PA

The lunch was so fabulous (try the pretzel braids!) that we decided we simply had to live in this quaint little town… so we went ahead and applied for the ugly little house anyway, although I was secretly hoping that something better would come along before we signed the lease.

And, it did. Just like that, the most perfect house became available on the most perfect street in the most perfect town in Pennsylvania! We didn’t even need to think about it… but we did need lunch, so we walked over to Bistro on Bridge for another delicious lunch… and yes, it is true that #BistroKnowsBeer because there were so many to choose from, I had trouble deciding. I went with a trusty DogFish Head, but I plan to try something new next time.

Bistro on Bridge Street in Phoenixville, PA
Bistro on Bridge Street in Phoenixville, PA

We signed the lease yesterday and I am so excited about my new Phoenixville life that I decided to start this blog!

This is our new house in on historic Mill Street in Phoenixville, PA! Which one? You will have to wait and find out!

Historic Mill Street, Phoenixville, PA
Historic Mill Street in Phoenixville, PA

After this move, we will be less than 10 miles from my daughter Amanda (as opposed to 30+) and about 30 miles from my daughter Sarah (as opposed to 65+) … definitely a big improvement!

Stay tuned for updates on our move and follow us as we Discover Phoenixville!